Ewon’s easy and secure industrial cloud

Talk2m industrial cloud is a reliable and efficient solution for remote connectivity, based on a global and redundant server infrastructure.
Thanks to the combination of Talk2m and Ewon gateways, you can remotely access your machines and monitor their performance.
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Connect to your machines
With eCatcher, establish a secure VPN connection through the internet for troubleshooting and maintenance of industrial machines.

Monitor your machines

Monitor equipment performance through local or cloud dashboards, anytime anywhere:
M2web :  A web portal to get a quick overview of your fleet of machines from  any device. Monitor live machine KPI’s and receive alarms.
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Collect machine data
Easily integrate remote machine data into third-party applications for visualization and analysis, without any data loss or duplicate. Take advantage of our powerful API’s
Manage your connectivity
Manage all aspects of your connectivity (users, devices, permissions, security policies) from a central environment. Ideal to administrate multiple teams supporting various customers. Monitor all account activity thanks to logs, reports, and connection audit trails.
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Why choose Talk2m Industrial Cloud ?

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  All Ewon gateways seamlessly integrate Talk2m industrial cloud connectivity which is available free of charge. You don’t need any IT skill to start using Talk2m.
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  Talk2m industrial cloud enables a highly secure end-to-end tunnel between you and your machines. It complies with the highest cyber security standards.
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  With 400,000+ devices connected, Talk2m is the leading industrial cloud. It has industry-wide recognition and is a continuously improving solution that will be growing with you.
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  Talk2m is deployed all around the globe (incl. China) for optimal performance. More than 30 servers spread across 21 data centers provide redundancy and worldwide coverage for maximum business continuity.
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  The Talk2m industrial cloud is easy to deploy and adapts to your evolving business needs. You can start small and grow quickly. You can also enjoy our powerful APIs.
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  Highest level of availability and redundancy. 24/7/365 supervised cloud infrastructure by a dedicated team of service engineers since 2006.

Compare Talk2m Plans

Our remote connectivity solution is made possible by a seamless integration between our gateways and our industrial cloud.
As a result, all our devices are provided with industrial cloud connectivity, free of charge. 
As your business grows and your management needs increase, we recommend upgrading to Talk2m Pro.

Choose between the Talk2m Free+ and Talk2m Pro versions according to your needs. The table below will help you make the best choice.

Ewon Talk2M Comparative Table April 2023

*Talk2m Pro Accounts exceeding the allocated VPN monthly traffic or the allocated DataMailbox data usage are subject to overage charges
**Concurrent connections refer to the number of simultaneously connected users on a single account

Talk2m Industrial Cloud resources

Like all cloud platforms, Talk2m is governed by general terms and conditions that shall apply as for your first use of our remote connectivity services. These are available via the following link:

Talk2m General Terms and Conditions of Use

The leading industrial cloud, continuously improved by a dedicated team of experts since 2006!

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