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RV-F Series

  • The latest series of MELFA robot which equipped with advanced technology and easy-to-use features. iQ Platform type RV-F-Q series and standalone type RV-F-D series.

RV-F series 3-20kg type robot features

RV-F series

  • • Optimized arm length and 6 joints for a broader range of movement support complex assembly and process operations.
  • • Compact body and slender arms capable of covering a large work area and large load capacity.
  • • Suitable for a broad range of layouts, from transporting machine parts to assembling electrical components.
  • • Designed to withstand environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of applications without having to worry about the installation environment.
  • • Maximum load capacity:3kg to 20kg
  • • Controller types:
    Q Type: Compatible with the “iQ Platform”. MELSEC Q series-dedicated. (CR750/751-Q controller)
    D Type: Standalone controller (CR750/751-D controller)

Please refer to the “Catalogs” or the “Manuals” for RV-F series.

Intelligent technology

Intelligent technology

Through the use of highly accurate vision sensors and force sensors that control the levels of force applied by robots, it is now possible to automate extremely difficult tasks that have been beyond the scope of automation in the past.

Please refer to the “Catalogs” for RV-F series.

Overview of intelligent technology

  • • 3D vision sensor
  • • Force sensor
  • • 2D vision sensor
  • • Preventing interference (iQ Platform)
  • • Cooperative control (iQ Platform)
  • • Multi-function gripper
  • • Tracking
  • • iQ Platform functions

The environmentresistant specifications (Medical,food IP65)

For medicinal products and foods
The resistance to corrosion due to chemical cleaning is enhanced and this improves detergency and cleanliness.
These types of robots are applicable to the production environments including conveying or processing medicinal products and foods.

Controller features

CR750/751-Q (Q Type Controller)

iQ Platform MLSEC-Q series compatible

  • • This controller is compatible with the “iQ Platform”, which seamlessly integrates the various controllers used in a production site with HMIs, the engineering environment and the network.
  • • It uses a multi-CPU configuration that dramatically improves its interaction with FA equipment and also offers highly precise control and fast yet simple information management.

Q Type controller

CR750/751-D (D Type Controller)


  • • A standalone controller similar to existing models. Enables the construction of cells using robot controllers as the control nucleus.
  • • Comes with various interfaces as standard, allowing customers to build a system optimized for their applications.

D type controller

Controller configuration

CR750 and CR751 Controller configuration