As a pioneer of resin tubes and hoses, Nitta provides  solutions for various markets.

Tubes & Fittings: Flexible pneumatic Tubes with excellent chemical resistance


Our tubing products for pneumatic and fluid transport applications include, among others, polyurethane, nylon, polyolefin, fluorocarbon, and flame-resistant material and are produced in Japan to the highest standards. Fitting options include PushOne, Chemifit® (for use in ultrapure applications, such as pharmaceutical or cleanroom), and QuickSeal.



Particularly popular in applications where precision and minute fluctuations in air pressure are required such as pneumatic equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial robots (e.g. spot-welding in the automotive industry). Moreover, our high quality tubes are accompanied by a wide variety of fittings to optimise performance and are supported by highly efficient piping systems for each type of equipment.

Hosing Tubing Fittings 3
Hosing Tubing Fittings 1

Linemate Hydraulic Hoses: Lightweight resin hoses for maximum performance


Nitta Moore Linemate™ is a series of lightweight and durable resin hoses. Due to their lightweight construction (ca. one quarter of the weight of a comparable rubber hose) with synthetic fiber reinforcement, they are highly durable and bending resistant with small bending radii. This, taken together with the abrasion resistant polyurethane resin cover material, leads to long lifetime even in demanding applications.

Hosing Tubing Fittings 2


Linemate hoses are used in a large number of industry applications, including forklift mast hoses in the logistics industry, construction machinery, clear water transport.