Connecting you to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is all about connecting devices and harnessing the power of data. The integration of digital and physical systems can fundamentally transform a manufacturing business, improving visibility, increasing efficiency and adding flexibility.

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Anybus Gateways

Anybus Communicator™ and X-gateway™ — more than 300
stand-alone gateways for connecting devices, machines, systems or networks.

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Anybus Wireless and Infrastructure

Anybus Wireless Solutions allows you to connect machines and devices over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular networks and Industrial Ethernet.

Meet the next-generation gateways!

Even quicker, more powerful, and user-friendly than their older siblings!

Anybus by HMS Networks is the global market leader in industrial network communication, with millions of products installed worldwide. Anybus products connect industrial devices to PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CAN/CANopen, CC-Link, Modbus, EtherCAT, BACnet, Powerlink, and all other major industrial networks. All products withstand harsh industrial conditions and can be used to establish reliable, secure wired or wireless connectivity. Anybus helps you get connected.

See the Anybus Communicator’s user interface in action!

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Network to network application

Need to connect PLCs running on different industrial networks? The Anybus Communicator has your back! There’s an Anybus Communicator to transfer data over any combination of major industrial networks. No special cables, software, or training is required.
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Serial application

With the Anybus Communicator, you can easily convert almost any Modbus RTU, ASCII, or user-specific RS-232/485 request/response or produce/consume protocol. The Communicator requires no PLC function blocks or any programming.

Network to Network Communicators

Serial Communicators

Anybus® industrial wireless solutions

HMS offers a broad range of products to wirelessly connect industrial machines or devices. The products come in three categories: 
  1. Wireless Bridge – ideal for cable replacement in hard-to-reach locations or wherever cables are not desirable.
  2. Wireless Bolt – provides wireless access for industrial machines in a robust, innovative form factor.
  3. Wireless Network Infrastructure – industrial grade infrastructure hub that connects several wireless slaves. Ideal for larger installations as it provides a Gigabit Ethernet connection.
All products come with an easy-to-use built-in web page, making it possible to set up a connection within minutes.  
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