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Vertical type robot

  • “Next-generation intelligent functions”,”Safe, collaborative work applications”, and “FA-IT integration functions”.
  • With these 3 key features, the FR Series is capable of handling virtually all your automation needs.

MELFA FR series features

RV-FR series


  • • The function expansion option named “MELFA Smart Plus” is available with MELFA FR series.
    “MELFA Smart Plus” further broaden the range of possibilities of the MELFA FR series, offering performance beyond your expectations.
  • • Collaboration with MELSEC Q series/MELSEC iQ-R server series realize more advanced work.
  • • Maximum load capacity:3kg to 20kg
  • • Controller Types
    R Type: Compatible with the “iQ Platform”. MELSEC iQ-R series-dedicated. (CR800-R controller)
    Q Type: Compatible with the “iQ Platform”. MELSEC Q series-dedicated. (CR800-Q controller)
    D Type: Standalone controller (CR800-D controller)


Next-generation intelligence, FA-IT integration, Safe, collaborative work applications

“Next-generation intelligent functions” make it simple to carry out work that has always defied automation.
“Safe, collaborative work applications” allow robots and people to work together with high levels of safety.
“FA-IT integration functions” support nextgeneration manufacturing. With these 3 key features, the FR Series is capable of handling virtually all your automation needs.

Please refer to the “Catalogs” or the “Manuals” for RV-FR series.


FR series concept
FR series concept2


MELFA Smart Plus Features

MELFA Smart Plus is an option that brings next-generation intelligence to MELFA FR series robots.
This provides leading-edge functions for all phases of customer’s operations, from design and startup through to operation and maintenance. *Activated with the insertion of a Smart Plus card into CR800 controller.



Outline of functions


FunctionOutline of features
Predictive maintenance functionFailing drive parts are detected before abnormalities in robot behavior become apparent.Downtime of production equipment is reduced.
Preventive maintenance functionTracking the robot’s operating status helps manage the condition of the robot.Maintenance is now even more efficient.
Enhancement function for force sense controlParameters for the optimum operation pattern are found using repeat learning in a short amount of time. Set-up and tact times are reduced.
MELFA-3D Vision enhancement functionReduced startup time thanks to a utomatic parameter adjustments which utilize our proprietary AI technology “Maisart”.
Calibration assistance functionEasy set-up of 2D v ision sensors and improved job precision.
Coordinated control of additional axisUsing a robot with an RTU enables manufacturing and assembly at user specified speeds. (RTU : Robot Transport Units)
Robot mechanism thermal compensation functionCompensates for thermal expansion of the robot arm to increase position accuracy.

Controller features

Improved controller performance

Control cycles on FR series controllers take just half the current time, improving robot control performance.
The faster calculation speed gives better robot processing capacity and shorter cycle times for improved productivity.
Integration with the various sensors also makes precision operation possible.

CR800 Control cycle

R/Q type controller


  • This controller is compatible with the “iQ Platform”, which seamlessly integrates the various controllers used in a production site with HMIs, the engineering environment and the network.
  • It uses a multi-CPU configuration that dramatically improves its interaction with FA equipment and also offers highly precise control and fast yet simple information management.


R type controller
MELSEC iQ-R series-dedicated

CR800-R type controller

The R Type controllers supported by the MELSEC iQ-R series dramatically improve compatibility with FA equipment, allowing information to be shared mutually and data to be collected and processed. Improved system bus performance has also reduced communication cycles to 1/4 of current levels, allowing shorter cycle times for production facilities.

CR800 Communication cycle

Q type controller
MELSEC Q series-dedicated

CR800-Q type controller

D type controller

Standalone type

  • A standalone controller similar to existing models.
  • Enables the construction of cells using robot controllers as the control nucleus.
  • Comes with various interfaces as standard, allowing customers to build a system optimized for their applications.


CR800-D type controller