Ewon Cosy +

The new generation of industrial remote access gateway. Easy and secure connectivity, wherever you are !

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Capitalizing on the success of the Cosy 131, the Cosy+ is the new generation of industrial gateway, resulting from the implementation of the most advanced security technologies in hardware devices.

Cosy+ Benefits

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Easy Setup
The Cosy+ is designed for a quick deployment and successful connectivity, while ensuring that the setup doesn’t require any advanced IT knowledge.
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Suitable for any situation
Along with our devices, our solution includes the Talk2M industrial cloud service, as well as its desktop, mobile and web clients - all free of charge.
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High level of security
The Cosy+ integrates an unprecedented level of hardware security, making it perfectly future-proof.
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The Ewon Cosy+ is an industrial VPN gateway designed to offer easy remote access, across the Internet, to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field.

How does the Cosy+ work ?

The role of the Cosy+ industrial gateway is to establish a secure VPN connection between the machine (PLC, HMI, or other devices) and yourself, from anywhere, at any time. The connection happens through Talk2M, a highly secured industrial cloud service included for free with the gateway.
Remotely access your PLCs, HMIs or other devices inside the machine, for maintenance or troubleshooting purposes, wherever you are and from any device. Provide effective and sustainable machine support, save time and money while gaining a major long-term competitive advantage!

Security features of the Cosy+

  • Trusted chain from Hardware to the Cloud:
  • Proven security posture:
    • ISO 27001 certification & cybersecurity partnership with NVISO.
    • Solution based on the latest open standard technologies.
  • Non-intrusive outbound connections, requiring no change on the existing network.
  • Machine LAN segregation to ensure that remote users can only access the target equipment.
  • Traceability of all remote activity through detailed logs and reports.
  • Local control of the remote connectivity by the end-user, with an external key switch.
  • Increase safety with the digital output indicating an active remote connection.
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Ingve Risa, System Engineer
Optimarin (Sandnes, Norway)

“The Ewon Cosy+ suited Optimarin perfectly when looking for a remote access solution in our digitalization add-on feature. The Ewon Cosy+ provides us with the necessary confidence when it comes to security, scalability and ease of use. It has proven to withstand the harsh forces a maritime environment can cause. Additionally it is sufficiently customizable to meet our needs of today and tomorrow”

Select your Cosy+ industrial gateway

New Cosy+ Range

Pick up the right Internet Connectivity

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EC71330 : Wired Ethernet WAN connectivity
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EC7133J : WiFi connectivity 2.4GHz / 5.0 GHz
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EC7133K : 4G Cellular connectivity for United States and Canada
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EC7133L : 4G Cellular connectivity for Europe, Australia and New Zealand
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EC7133M : 4G Cellular connectivity for Asia-Pacific countries