iB series
iB Series is developed as a group of products that has not existed before on the market for Factory Automation. Focusing on things that no one else think of, Koganei opens up a new market or creates an original market.
The energy in compressed air is realized as real force, in the form of linear motion, swing motion, or a combination of the two. Select the optimum equipment for such elements as the type of movement, the load size, and space. Solenoid valve, air operated valves, provide control for actuators and other air system. Select by considering the functions of equipment to be controlled.
Compressor / Air filter / Regulator
Speed controller / Fitting / Others
Vacuum pump / Vacuum equipment / Vacuum pad
To protect pneumatic equipment from breakdown trouble, we use dryers or line filters in the sub lines, and use filters, regulators, lubricators, etc., on usage on line end, for air fitration and pressure regulating. We have a full line of components for selection suitable to the air quality or flow used in each line.
Our detailed support is ot limited to actuators, but extended to pneumatic systems, where we have a wider range of easy-to-use, widely usable products. We have a rich range to products such as microejectors that can quickly obtain vacuums from compressed air, pads essential for transfer using suction, and vacuum valves for controlling vacuum lines.
Clean system equipment
Electric actuator
ECO Equipment
Clean system equipment responds to the necessity of maintaining high clean production environments. With such measures as excellent dust-prevention and advanced corrosion-resistant materials processing, it is ideal for the prevention of particle pollution inside the clean rooms.
An inexpensive electromotive actuator with outstanding cost performance. It supports the cleanliness check as well as the purification of working environment. It works well against the contamination of clean areas.
Static electricity removing unit
Fluororesin equipment
Constant delivery pump
Two types are available: the Blow type version can remove static electricity with pinpoint accuracy by carrying ion through a tube, and the Fan type does not require an air supply. These units can be used with a low voltage DC power supply due to the use of a compact high voltage transformer.
The Koganei Fluroresin Production Equipment demonstrates its ablities on semiconductor lines where advanced purity and precision control are required, as well as in other severe or extreme conditions. Pneumatic-based airtronics and mechatronics technology provide support for fluid control systems of liquid chemicals, pure water, etc. Completely new structure for the dispensing pump replaces the current diaphragm and bellows type pumps.